Encourages participation and expansion of the program. 

Acts as liaison with the police department, city councilmembers, civic groups, and block captains. Encourages participation and expands the program, arranges neighborhood crime prevention training programs. Leads the Neighborhood Watch Orientation and coordinates meeting with Block Captain and CRO.  

The SDPD employs Community Relations Officers (CRO), who interact with the community through Neighborhood Watch programs, attend community meetings, and help the community understand policing. Each of the nine divisions has one to four CRO's. 

How Neighborhood Watch is Organized

Acts as liaison with the police department, coordinator, and block captains. Provides support for the coordinator. Encourages participation and expanding the program. 

Acts as liaison between block residents and area coordinator. Enlists the participation of residents to cooperate with law enforcement to reduce crime. Teaches neighbors who to contact for suspicious activities, thefts, break-ins, graffiti, party houses, noise nuisances and more. Shares safety tips and information and shows them how to use the websites: sandiegoneighborhoodwatch.com, crimemmapping.com, andnextdoor.com.