About the Events

Neighborhood Watch is the Chair for the National Night Out Event

All events will have Food Trucks
All events are participating in a Fundraiser
Each event will have specific themes
Start times vary for each event check the flyers for more information

What is the Mission of National Night Out?

To celebrate and bring the community together and enhance the relationship between neighbors and law enforcement. We stand together against crime.

Why a Fundraiser?

Our police need added equipment for protection that the city budget does not provide.  As a Neighborhood Watch community, concerned with safety, this is an ideal setting for a fundraiser that involves the entire community in support of those who work so hard to protect us.

How does it work?

You can register and sign up on our site.  Anyone can sponsor family, friends, business, organization; you name it.  You can have several sponsors the more the better!  There will be a prize for the person who can recruit the most sponsors for the 2-hour dance marathon.

Who handles the money?

The website has a direct link to The San Diego Police Foundation website and they will manage all donations.  The Foundation is an independent 501 (c3) nonprofit organization providing support for efforts that enhance police/community relations, crime prevention and public safety through grant funding for specialized equipment, training and cooperative community programs. The money raised from this event will be earmarked specifically for SDPD.

Who else will benefit?

University City will donate 10% of the proceeds they receive from the sales at the Food Trucks to EdUcate. 

Come dance with our law enforcement and celebrate National Night Out with us!